Xbox 360 – 3rd Times the Charm?

unreadable Xbox 360   3rd Times the Charm?

So I got my third 360 about two weeks ago after sending my second one back to MS because of the “red ring light of death”. Turnaround time was actually pretty good, about 3 and a half weeks. I took it out from the box and hooked it up. The first thing I noticed was the power button. It didn’t get pushed down when I pressed on it but it turned on anyways. No big deal, I thought, as long as everything else works fine. I tried putting Gears on the tray and pressed the eject button. The tray didn’t eject, pressed it again and same result. I had to manually push the tray and that somehow opened it.

Finally played Gears and everything was working fine. A couple of hours passed and I noticed a screeching sound. It sounded like the console was scratching the game. I panicked and tried to check on the game. Of course, the disc tray jammed again and I had to push it in again. It ejected and checked on the game, there’s little scratches on the game, I can’t tell if it came from the new system or if it was already there. Played the game again and about 30 minutes into it, I got the “this disk is unreadable” notice. Frustrated I turned it off and called it a night. Gave it another week and it kept giving me the same message. I called MS and they sent me another box so I can replace it with what is hopefully will be my 4th and last 360.

pixel Xbox 360   3rd Times the Charm?

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