Thirty Years Of MOTU: Jan- The Star Sisters!

The Masters of the Universe Classics subscription has begun again for this, the 30th anniversary of Masters of the Universe. New for this year is a 30th anniversary logo and a really messed up subscription schedule starting in the first month. The original Jan figure was The Sorceress–so much for that–which will be coming in Feb–hopefully.

The Star Sisters were created in the middle to late 80’s as the last of the She-Ra action doll line. The characters were in one episode of She-Ra: Princess of Power, where Bow was showing off for them with Shadow Weavers wand and they had to save some Twiggetts from certain doom! More or less… The action dolls were created as prototypes which can been seen on but they were never produced.

StarS 1 Thirty Years Of MOTU: Jan  The Star Sisters!

The white mailer box is great, it has “Cringer” printed below the names of the Star Sisters, this is odd yet again because at the bottom of the box for the Wind Raider there was “Battle Ram Chariot” is there going to be some puzzle contest later in the year that they aren’t telling anyone about?

StarS 2 Thirty Years Of MOTU: Jan  The Star Sisters!

The Star Sisters share the Swiftwind size box and look very well for display. Starting with Jewelstar who features translucent crystals on her arms, legs and crown and a star staff, the sculpt is done pretty well. Also included is Glorybird above her. Glorybird has a fancy blue perch packed at the lower right of the box which somewhat resembles the stands that Zoar and Screech come with–just a little nicer. Next is Starla–sculpted well and a concern of fans for some reason, I find the figure to be well made and she might possibly be one of the better females in a long time. Starla comes with her star staff and that seems to be all–unless you count Glorybird (her “pet”). Tallstar is really the coolest of the three, she features swappable body parts to extend the parts of her body that resemble springs at the joints such as her neck arms and legs. These extra parts are packed with Glorybird’s perch at the lower right. Tallstar also includes her own star staff giving her the most accessories of the three.

StarS 3 1024x615 Thirty Years Of MOTU: Jan  The Star Sisters!

The Star Sisters are created using the new female body that Bubble Power She-Ra has with better standard articulation and also articulation in the waist. The sculpt is so much cleaner with these figures and all in all, they are just nice regardless of what people’s views on the characters are. I look at it this way, the Star Sisters were in the cartoon, they were prototyped into action figures and the final product is very satisfying, so I’m personally happy with the set. The price was $60.00 which is equal to 3 figures, so its a reasonable cost.

StarS 4 Thirty Years Of MOTU: Jan  The Star Sisters!

The back of the large package has a She-Ra and Horde “also available” and a good bio–after all there never was an explanation about the characters to my knowledge so I thought it was pretty good. The “girl’s” take up the extra space next to the bio and the box is very sturdy.

StarS 5 1024x874 Thirty Years Of MOTU: Jan  The Star Sisters!

Here is a close up of the bio, click to enlarge.

StarS 6 434x1024 Thirty Years Of MOTU: Jan  The Star Sisters!

This is now the current state of my She-Ra/Horde shelf, it’s getting messy on top, but it’s fine for now. Adora; boxed and loose is under the row with Leech and Grizzlor, but she needs a She-Ra based friend or enemy to fill the shelf.

Next month if they don’t screw up again is:

The Sorceress
Shadow Weaver

Another sixty bucks, but at least the figures will be nice…and they better be…

GRADE: A- (For having nice sculpts, but needing other known She-Ra characters to come out first).

pixel Thirty Years Of MOTU: Jan  The Star Sisters!

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