Thirty Years Of MOTU: Mar:- Kobra Khan!

Kobra Khan.

KKahn 1 Thirty Years Of MOTU: Mar:  Kobra Khan!

Kobra Khan, the single figure for March in the Club Eternia subscription service. The white mailer box features “Valley of Gnarl” at the bottom which is apparently to keep trademarks—its not a game after all, how disappointing.

KKahn 2 733x1024 Thirty Years Of MOTU: Mar:  Kobra Khan!

Featuring a great sculpt with all elements being part of the body without any extra armor, Kobra Khan looks very close to the original minus the water squirt action feature. Kobra Khan has multiple points of articulation including the newer rocker ankles, this Evil Master of Snakes can be posed to the collector’s imagination.
KKahn 4 850x1024 Thirty Years Of MOTU: Mar:  Kobra Khan!

Kobra Khan includes a few accessories such as his red pistol that is finely detailed with paint applications. This pistol is shared with Zodac and Wun-Dar and is really a classic piece of MOTU history, really cool, I take it his shoots venom and not cosmic rays. Another great and original accessory is a small green lizard from the 200X cartoon which Mattel calls “Fang.” Fang is detailed quite well for his size, including his legs, teeth and tail. The small lizard can fit in a few spots on Khan’s body but I like to have him held in his hand which looks pretty cool (I’m surprised the hand was made to hold the lizard—one of the minor things I like about this figure).

KKahn 5 677x1024 Thirty Years Of MOTU: Mar:  Kobra Khan!

The final accessory is a second head; this head has the open cobra hood which makes the character resemble the 200X figure.

KKahn 6 710x1024 Thirty Years Of MOTU: Mar:  Kobra Khan!

Attached, this head loses the great articulation of the standard head however, the detail more than makes up for the loss of movement. Both heads have a fully open mouth with red internal detail making the sculpt resemble the original 80’s figure where he would spray water.

KKahn 7 643x1024 Thirty Years Of MOTU: Mar:  Kobra Khan!

The back detail of the cobra hood is really well sculpted, like I said, its worth the lack of movement.

KKahn 3 783x1024 Thirty Years Of MOTU: Mar:  Kobra Khan!
The back of the box features an evil “also available” and a bio which is the description of the story from the 200X cartoon, props on that, history is better than changing characters that have already been established decades ago.

KKahn 8 760x1024 Thirty Years Of MOTU: Mar:  Kobra Khan!
This is the original Kobra Khan, he has seen better days however his pump still works.

KKahn 9 1024x892 Thirty Years Of MOTU: Mar:  Kobra Khan!
Some adult uses for Kobra Khan can be the following:

*Fill him with “Windex” and clean the windows.
*Perfume sprayer
*Salad oil mister
*Breath spray dispenser
*Hair spray bottle
*Pepper Spray for protection, an attacker will NEVER see it coming!

GRADE: A (For quality sculpt and simply being a nice figure, I can’t find anything wrong with Kobra Khan).

I’ve finally come to the realization that there is too many Masters of the Universe Classics figures to collect—way too many. I’m a huge fan from when it all started and it sucks for me to say this, but this year is it. I have more than 3 shelving units covered with these figures, and that is way too many. Normally I would say you can never have enough MOTU, but, yeah, you can. Even with all of the flaws here and there, these figures are great, but there really is too many of them. To handle the rest of this years subscription I’ve decided to open any figures that I don’t care as much about such as Kobra Khan even though I really like him (sounds like a double negative). I’ve started to open other figures that I kept sealed and if I’ve done a review I will add the loose photos to the article. It’s a shame because I probably could go on forever with collecting Masters of the Universe, but there has to be a place to stop and that is the decision I’ve made. I’ll finish out this year and then if I can I will pick up something here and there as the line continues on. The only thing that would make me want the subscription next year is the club exclusive figure being 200X Sorceress or Veena, the wife of King Grayskull, also from 200X.
I’m thinking that more vintage collections are going to become more my speed such as something interesting from the “Big Jim” toy line or maybe I need to get back into Batman, only time will tell.

KKahn 10 Thirty Years Of MOTU: Mar:  Kobra Khan!

So, here is the current loose selection that is from one shelving unit.

pixel Thirty Years Of MOTU: Mar:  Kobra Khan!

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