Young Justice Comic Ending in February

yj cv25 021 Young Justice Comic Ending in February

It looks like the situation continues to get worse for Young Justice as the spin off comic book series will end with issue 25 in February; this should give us more cause for concern as to what is the state of the TV show.

Most DC comics that tie into their TV series counter parts last a few months to a couple of years past the show itself, so its pretty surprising to see this one end before the animated series itself, especially since it only just jumped to 2016 and got the shows creator Greg Weisman as writer.

Personally I don’t know if I could survive another great comic book animated series be axed before its time (Spectacular Spider-Man anyone?), the show itself has constantly suffered production problems over its 2 year life span and over 5 hiatuses’, then there are rumors of Milestone characters such as Static Shock, Rocket and Icon being on the show along with characters like Stephanie Brown.

I think a season 3 is dead at this point and were going to be lucky if Invasion gets the chance to end the way it was intended, but if characters such as Stephanie Brown, Icon and Static are causing issues for the show, then its a good guess the overall episodes and story are going to have to be altered to accommodate their absence.







pixel Young Justice Comic Ending in February

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