Young Justice- Dangerous Secrets: DVD Review!

YJ DS Cover Young Justice  Dangerous Secrets: DVD Review!

New on DVD from Warner Bros Entertainment is Young Justice- Dangerous Secrets. Featuring 14 of the best episodes the animated has to offer, YJ Dangerous Secrets offers fans beautiful artwork, great stories and a “super” music score.

YJ has a great selection of guest voices such as Brent Spiner as Joker, Alyssa Milano as Poison Ivy and Lacey Chabert as Zatana, and an awesome regular cast who bring the characters to life–this, paired with the storytelling, makes for a great adventure for people of all ages to enjoy.  When it comes down to comics, the characters are who and what matters the most and Young Justice delivers.

The following is a synopsis of Young Justice- Dangerous Secrets:

Another round of justice has been served. Watch them battle villains and fight crime in a 2-disc 14 episode collection! Back for another round, Robin, Superboy, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Miss Martian and Artemis join forces to take down some of the universe’s most dangerous foes. From India to Cadmus Labs, these super-powered sidekicks must think fast and use teamwork in their neverending fight against The Light. Join the team as they battle the likes of the ruthless assassin Cheshire, the Lord of Chaos Klarion, the brutally powerful Sportsmaster and the deceptive Parasite. In battles that test their loyalties and reveal hidden secrets, Young Justice must use their incredible crime-fighting powers to come together and defeat their toughest enemies yet!

Probably the best of the series, the episode “Failsafe” is maybe too memorable for its own good.  The team battles an alien invasion and one by one they leave this world courtesy of “death rays.”  As they battle and try to band together, the stress of the situation overwhelms Miss Martian–can she pull it together to save the world as the last remaining hero on Earth?  Although the episode was shown on Cartoon Network, the DVD gives the viewer more of a dramatic impact without pausing for the constant commercials, this makes the dramatic edge sink right into the viewers mind.

In another great episode called “Performance”–which is just awesome!  The team goes undercover at a certain circus that Dick remembers well…get what I’m saying?  They battle Parasite who is stealing technology for a super weapon; all the while, the law is hanging around blaming Haley’s Circus as a whole.  With Superboy on his new “Super Drug Patch” and Miss Martian having more powers than anyone can count, the Parasite is eating well; will he take our heroes out of commission?  This is a great adventure based episode which involves most of the team.  I find that there is a great piece of history for fans of the Dick Grayson Robin; those in the know will enjoy the emotional connection that the character has with returning to his roots.  Fans of the “Teen Titans” comic will also find great interest in Robin’s interactions with Kid Flash.

See the clip below for a bit of “Failsafe.”

0 Young Justice  Dangerous Secrets: DVD Review!

Young Justice- Deadly Secrets features a clear DVD quality picture and the sound is as good as your speakers can handle.
The included extra is a piece of digital comic.

An absolute must have for fans of Young Justice and DC Comics in general; this is a true masterpiece of animation and story-telling.  Young Justice- Dangerous Secrets is loaded with surprises that continue the mysterious story–opening up most of “The Light” storyline in the process.  I highly recommend Young Justice because it is an excellent, well-written drama and as with most animated shows based off of comics– features a ton of action and adventure!

Own it on DVD today!

GRADE: A+ (All the best episodes, check it out)!

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