Yu-Gi-Oh! The Shining Darkness: Blackwings and Infenities

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With Nationals coming soon, Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG players get their decks ready for one of the most challenging duels of their lives. NERDsociety’s two duelists will participate and talk about the 2 decks they will be taking into action, with the addition of The Shining Darkness cards that were just recently released.

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As the newest archetype on the rise, Infernity decks defy the normal playing style of Yu-Gi-Oh.

So far, having more cards in hand then the opponent means more options and more combos are available, which increases the chance of winning. However, the new Infernity cards completely contradict that idea. All of the Infernity cards are useless unless the controller has no hand. All the Infernity rely on is a few key cards in the graveyard with the proper set up; they can do a lot of serious damage.

I have personally seen a few different builds of Infernity decks, and I think this archetype has a lot of potential. The best thing about this new archetype is the fact that a lot of the cards are possible splash cards as counters to things like hand destruction decks. With the right build, the deck will swarm faster then any other deck build available right now. I have seen a few solutions and counters to this type of build, but because of the extremely small amount of set up this type of decks need, it is hard to get the counters set up before being completely overrun by the sheer amount of synchro monsters they are able to throw at you.

If you are already tired of the current play style and want to try something new, needs a challenge in figuring out how to build a great deck and how to execute the combos correctly with the minimal amount of cards available, or just simply tired of holding cards in your hand, this will be a deck build worth your time to take a look at.

Huge Support for Blackwings

Blackwings 300x168 Yu Gi Oh! The Shining Darkness: Blackwings and InfenitiesSince their first appearance in Crimson Crisis, Blackwings have been one of the more sough after decks being able to swarm quickly, very versatile and their ability to Synchro summon.

In the Shining Darkness, a few new Blackwings appear as well as support cards which take full advantage of the situation you are in. Your deck will benefit dependent on your Blackwing set up as most players place Dark Armed Dragon, with Vayu’s allowing you to control your graveyard have some powerful BW Synchros with no effect but making Dark Armed very useful, using the combo of Black Whirlwind with any Blackwing can easily bring out Breeze who can then be special summoned to the field by its own effect for a quick one turn synchro.

New useful support cards include Black-Winged Strafe with the ability to destroy any defense position monster at the cost of a Blackwing to the graveyard (such as Vayu) and Blackwing – Backlash allowing you to destroy all your opponent’s monsters if you have an open field and 5 Blackwings in your graveyard. Cards for Black Feathers help you draw 2 cards for the cost of one Blackwing to your graveyard and clearing out an opponent’s defense monster. Blackwings can make it very easy to manipulate your graveyard and can fit in with many other wing beasts.

Blackwings in tournaments are still used but have dropped down in ranks thanks to decks like Infernity and decks with Consecrated Light which can take down blackwings if not careful. One of the biggest problems with Blackwings is when you take on an opponent who also uses Blackwings will make it a battle who draws Sirocco the Dawn second will have the upper hand due to Sirocco’s power absorption effect that applies to the entire field, instead of just the owner’s side.

Since Blackwings have a tendency of losing hand advantage even leaving you with an empty hand the ability of Infernity Doom Dragon can be very useful for Blackwing players since it requires a dark tuner and all Blackwings are dark.

The Shining Darkness also includes cards and more support for X-Sabers as they rise in rankings to the top with their abilities to quickly swarm and special summon leading to quick synchros, how will X-Saber rank at nationals compared to Machina and Inferinties only time will tell.

Black WingedDragonTSHD EN UR 1E 206x300 Yu Gi Oh! The Shining Darkness: Blackwings and Infenities

The Shining Darkness includes

pixel Yu Gi Oh! The Shining Darkness: Blackwings and Infenities

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