Zoe Saldana is Still a Proud Nerd

zoe saldana calvin klein  Zoe Saldana is Still a Proud Nerd
Zoe Saldana revealed more of her nerd roots on the Rachel Ray show yesterday (replayed from March) admitting to pretending she was Ripley from Aliens as a young girl and also Lady Jessica from Dune.  Saldana says she is currently “rereading” the novel Dune, obviously a favorite of hers.  The self-proclaimed “girl in her panties with two guns” was quoted on Nerdsociety as saying that she was always into things that the popular people in school weren’t into, things that weren’t considered “cool” back in the day.  Well things have certainly changed since then.

When Ray asked Saldana about her training for the movie Avatar, Saldana mentioned having to learn the Chinese martial art of Wushu (also known as Northern Long Fist) along with archery, adding that she loves archery so much now that her sisters have even taken up the sport with her and they all like to go to shooting together in Pasadena (I’m assuming California not Texas). The actress also mentioned that she will be jettisoned back into space again soon as she will be filming the sequels for both Avatar and Star Trek.  While Star Trek is said to begin filming in the fall, James Cameron is currently building his set for the Avatar sequel at MBS Media Campus in Manhattan Beach, CA as we speak.

Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing the next Star Trek as the 2009 reboot was my favorite of all of the different feature-length Star Trek movies.

Here is a look back at an interview with Zoe Saldana and Karl Urban for the Star Trek 2009 film:

0 Zoe Saldana is Still a Proud Nerd

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pixel Zoe Saldana is Still a Proud Nerd

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