Zombie Run Next Saturday At Santa Anita Race Track

The Santa Anita Park will be transformed into a zombie infested maze next Saturday, 8/17/2013 for the first ever Zombie Blood Run.

The 1.5 mile non stop course will have a total of 11 obstacles ranging from climbing bloody walls to crawling over dead body parts.  This is an interactive event so be prepared to be get chased by zombies and scaring the crap out of you.

I like the fact that you can choose to be either a zombie or a survivor.  So if you don’t wanna run around too much, be a zombie.  You’ll be staying in one location trying to attack as many survivors as possible.  Make up will be provided at the event, just make sure you get there early so they can transform you into an undead.

zombie karah v3 Zombie Run Next Saturday At Santa Anita Race Track

For me personally, I’d go as a survivor to see how agile I am and how fast I can think when running really really fast.  The survivors will have flags with them.  Every time they’re attacked, the zombie grabs one of their flags.  There’ll be respawn points so you won’t have to leave the course automatically once you’re flags are gone.  Just look for more flags but it’ll take you longer to complete the maze.

Sounds like a really fun event.  Family and friends can also watch and support their love ones, so make sure to bring everyone.

There’ll also be a charity raffle after the event.  All proceeds for those go to the American Red Cross and St. Baldrick’s foundation.  They’ll be giving away cool stuff like signed Dawned Of The Dead posters from Zack Snyder (Man Of Steel), Beetlejuice collectibles and much much more.

You can get your tickets here.

I can’t wait for this event!

pixel Zombie Run Next Saturday At Santa Anita Race Track

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